Arranging a Funeral - Steps to take

The first thing to do is to telephone us at any time on 041 98 37806 (24hrs) and we will take care of everything for you. We will guide and direct you through the next steps.  Be assured that your loved one will be professionally looked after with dignity and respect while adhering to all your family wishes as much as possible.

P. Townley & Sons Funeral Directors, Drogheda, Co. Louth


If you choose burial you will either need to re-open an existing grave or purchase a new grave. Family graves can usually accommodate at least three coffins in a single grave and six coffins in a double grave.
New graves are available for purchase in most cemeteries (local policies apply) and prices vary.

Whether you are purchasing a new grave or opening an existing one there will be a fee, of which our staff will advise you when making funeral arrangements.


Burial is not for everyone and cremation is always an option. The nearest crematorium to our Funeral Home is in Dardistown Crematorium, Old Airport Road, Dublin. There are specific papers which need to be filled in by the attending Doctor and next of kin prior to same. We arrange all of this.

We book a time for the crematorium with a service time for families of 20mins or 30mins. The cremation itself takes place within a few days and the ashes are then collected by family or by the funeral director.


Our experienced team are fully trained to help in the repatriation of a loved one back to Ireland from overseas or to repatriate a loved one from Ireland back to their own Country.

We will arrange all aspects of the funeral and all the documents required for this.

We work very closely with the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, who are an amazing charity that offers financial assistance and invaluable support to families who find themselves in the terrible situation of losing a loved one abroad.

Funeral Costs

The Cost of a funeral is tailor made to suit each families individual wishes for their loved one.  We offer an estimate at the end of the arrangement process with a family.

P. Townley & Sons Funeral Directors, Drogheda, Co. Louth
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